Wednesday, September 8, 2010

New School Year

Hey Skeptics.

My name is John Kerr and I've taken over presidential duties from David as both he and Adam graduated this last Spring Quarter.

Meetings this quarter (Fall 2010) will be held in Baker 235 on Wednesdays from 7-8pm.

I hope to see some new and familiar faces next week.

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Gary Berg-Cross said...


There is a musician, Tom Neilson, who toured the DC area this weekend and he contacted me about hosting a concert in the DC area. We had a concert and it was a lot of fun. Now he has traveled out to Athens, OH on his way to TN.
But he mentioned that he would be back in the Columbus/Athens area April 21- 23 or so. He has one event at a UU chuch (see below) but wondered if there are any progressive or secular groups on campus that might be interested in setting something up while he is in the area in April.

Here is his site to get a sense of what his music is like. He has one about guns in Ohio, for example, also 1 called the A-List (

Sunday, April 22nd, 2018
Unitarian Church
Sunday Service - 11:00 AM
184 Longview Heights Rd,
Athens, OH, (740) 592-2083

​Any advice on contacts at the Ohio Universities the Columbus area (or at other points in his 4 month tour) would be appreciated.

Gary Berg-Cross, Ph.D.
​WASH Board member, an AHA chapter
Potomac, MD