Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Where are they now? Stan Romanek and Jeff Peckman

In February 2009 I gave a presentation and led a discussion about Stan Romanek and Jeff Peckman. Both men affiliated with aliens and UFOs. Stan is an abductee and Jeff is a politician. They have been on Larry King, David Letterman and a bunch of local news stations claiming evidence and proof of aliens. They teased us with a video capturing an alien peeking into Stan's house but at the time it had not been relased. It has been around 7 months and I thought it was time for an update!

From the ABC News

From August 18th 2009, well over a year since his 'spark' of fame from May 2008. Finally, the anti-climatic alien peek-a-boo video is linked in the story for all to see. Which by the way doesn't look that much different from what low budget skeptics have done on YouTube (Dispite the title, it's the skeptics version and hell here it is in context LOL ghetto recording). Let's not forget his book is out now with some talk of a second one coming (Best seller?).

My favorite part about the new article on Stan is the little bit about the camera. Apparently his camera went missing and aliens took it to take random MySpace (pun intended) pictures. To give him some credit the MySpace alien picture does seem to correlate with the figure in the video. Or they could be of one model of an alien. Who knows? Though it is an interesting update on our good friend Stan who genuinely believes he is being contacted by aliens for the past years.

Which brings me to Jeff Peckman. He teamed up with Stan during the news blitz to talk E.T.s and politics. He wants to have a Extraterrestrial Affairs Committee of sorts in place to plan and organize for any potential alien contact/invasion/shopping. Well good news ladies and gents and greys! Jeff almost has enough votes to put the issue on the ballot! Yes we can! For the more curious, here is the wensite for the committee: ExoPolitics!

And there we have it folks. Until next, keep your eyes to the skies and believe them lies!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Well, I stumbled upon this video today from Yahoo! to

Latest Footage
(Here's Hoping the link works)

Much to my surprise (not really) the creature shown here looks quite a bit like some previous footage of this so called "Chupacabra":

From August 2008

From September 2007

What's also is interesting is that these creatures are all found in the Texas area. It seems the past few years these creatures have been showing up, what ever they are. What's sad is that the taxidermist is keeping it after he stuffs it and is sending "samples" to some universities for identification.

I say send the whole damned thing to the proper experts for a thorough diagnosis.

Is it a fair assumption to label these things as the "mythical chupacabra" or is it just plain old scapegoating; this odd thing could be it therefor it must be it mentality? Should the mystery then be labeled "case closed"?

Or should the chupacabra mythology continue on, skipping these creatures, and still remain elusive? Isn't that the fun part of cryptozoology? The mystical creature is always one step away from capture and thus the chase continues, always remaining a challenge to find?

Of course, pseudoscience and mythological questions aside, what about the real questions in the real world? What exactly are these things? How did they become this way, if they are descendants of wolves/dogs? Is this population big? Growing? Perhaps a bottleneck population with bad genes? Perhaps a birth of a new species?

It seems like the recent popularity of finding these creatures is increasing and its only a matter of time til we can properly observe and learn from them.