Friday, January 30, 2009

Is the universe as we know it a hologram?

A recent modification to the hypothesis that the universe is a hologram (holographic principle) yielded some testable hypotheses. These predictions came true and may be evidence for a holographic universe. Essentially, if the universe is a projected hologram, we should be able to measure the blurriness of it.

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And Here, because I can't explain it as well as actual scientists can...

Thank you string theorists for contorting my brain.




Andres said...

Argh, after having read it multiple times, I still can't say I have any sort of idea what this all means...


David Plumb said...

I know, me too

if anyone reads this and can explain it in a way that non-physicists can understand - I would greatly appreciate it.

kamagra said...

It would be something really crazy because a holographic universe would be something is out of the imagination of people, I want to read and see facts.